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QSI’s RevoCell® window technology is an industry game-changer.
Contemporary style casement and awning windows deliver maximum ventilation as well as optimum efficiency against air Infiltration. With screens on the interior, casement and awning window sashes open out to allow for ventilation.
Effortlessly opening and closing for ventilation with the turn of a crank handle, also allowing the option to clean the glass from inside. Casement and awning style windows are the most efficient against air infiltration because the opening sash clamps closed and compresses the weather stripping like a door.
QSI’s RevoCell® microcellular PVC casement and awning windows are our flagship product, and the biggest seller since their very launch in late 2019. These are windows for the 21st century, competing with high-end triple-panes on energy efficiency, and beating all competition in brightness, durability, and price. It is due to the solid-core, one-piece window construction, where all the window parts are one solid unit that is insulated with billions of closed cells. Our RevoCell® windows surpass Energy Star® Most Efficient 2023 designation criteria.
Energy Star® Most Efficient 2023

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