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Bay & Bow Windows

Expand the feel of your living space and enhance the view while adding a classic traditional look to the exterior.

Consider bay windows if you want add a centrepiece feature to your home exterior, and to extend your interior to the outside. These consist of three windows, with a usually larger window in the middle protruding outside, and two side windows joined to it at an angle and connecting to the wall. Most often, the central light is fixed, while the sides are operable. We prefer to buid the side lights in casement style, for improved energy efficiency and security, although traditionally they were also built in hung sash style. Bay windows have a seat when built above the floor, or they can form an alcove at floor level, bringing light inside from more than 180 degrees.

A bow window consists of four or more individual windows together in a semi circular projection.

A bay window consists of three individual windows with a larger centre section and the end units at 30 to 45 degree angles. Creating more seat area along with a beautiful view.

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