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Founded in 1976, QSI is one of the Golden Horseshoe’s most reputable Window, Door and Sunroom companies, with sales and installation teams working year round – remarkable given the harsh Southern Ontario winter weather. We are extremely proud of our people and our relationships with all QSI customers, friends and suppliers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is there condensation on my new windows? I've never had any condensation on my old windows!

New windows are more energy efficient and a much more air tight, putting a stop to your heating dollars escaping out those loose fitting drafty windows. Along with new energy efficient, tighter fitting doors and adding extra insulation in the attic, our homes are becoming very air tight, not allowing that warm moist air to escape any more. Glass is the coldest surface on the outer walls of your home and as heat goes to escape it will condensate on the coldest surface which is the bottom of any thermo pane of glass. Decorative internal grilles and internal mini-blinds are constructed out of metal which will also conduct the cold, increasing the potential for interior condensation.

Can I reduce the condensation on my windows?

Yes you can. by addressing the humidity levels in your home. Remember, the condensation will not damage your new windows as there is no wood to be affected.Condensation is unavoidable when the outside temperature drops quickly by 10 to 20 degrees overnight and the indoor relative humidity is now too high.

A little condensation is to be expected, a lot is not and will turn to frost or even ice and therefore you may need to reduce the humidity levels in the home.

Where does excessive humidity come from?

The main source of humidity in a typical home is from regular household activities, which will vary with the living habits of the family.

A family of six people will produce much more moisture in the home than a family of two. Typically 7 to 9 litres of moisture per day is introduced into a house with a family of four, under normal conditions, which can rise to 20 or more litres on laundry day.

Activities such as showers, laundry, cooking, plants and humidifiers all contribute to adding moisture. Turning the thermostat down a few degrees at certain times during the day, especially in extreme cold weather, greatly contributes to high humidity levels in an active home.

You need the heat on to dry the moisture out, otherwise all that moisture you are creating is being absorbed by your carpets, upholstery and walls and you will never dry the moisture out.

What causes exterior condensation?

Exterior condensation occurs during late summer and early fall, when days are warm and humid and nights are cool and clear. Moist air comes into contact with cool surfaces, such as glass. This type of condensation appears when the dew point in the air is higher than the temperature of the outside pane of glass. Windows on elevations blocked from the wind, large bushy flower gardens, holding lots of moisture beneath a window and along with also being protected from the sun for the early morning hours, all contribute to exterior window condensation.

This is phenomenon is increasing as windows improve the efficiency of high performance insulating glass. Existing air filled thermo panes would allow the warm inside temperature to transfer through the glass to the cooler outside surface and warm up the glass. No condensation.

Your new high performance Low-e and Argon gas glass today, especially with triple glass using two Low-e and Krypton gas, the heat loss or transfer is dramatically reduced. These high insulating glass windows contribute to a cooler outside pane of glass which condensates for a few hours in these atmospheric conditions. Evidence of a well insulated window. Once the outside temperature warms up or a wind picks up the condensation disappears.

No harm is done, other than an annoying temporary loss of view.

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