Martin Wood Windows

    • Casement and Awning

      Contemporary and traditional

      An icon window wich has stood the test of time. Our continuous improvement process allows it to blend to any style of decor whether it’s contemporary or traditional. Their sturdy hardware has a folding inset handle and multi-point lock anchored in three places to offer security and solidity. Equipped with superior weatherstripping, they offer maximum air and water tightness. Lastly, they offer the possibility of a triple glaze insulated glass unit for unequaled energy efficiency and soundproofing.


    • Hung Windows

      Elegance plus air and water tightness

      This traditional English style window stands out for its elegance and unequaled air and water tightness. This wood hung window is the most watertight on the market. Single or double hung, it remains the reference for architects. Its unique design maximizes the wood visible surface. The handling of the sashes is smooth and easier for maintenance.


    • Ancestral Windows

      Classic charm, contemporary performance

      The perfection of the French heritage window; it stands out with its centered cremone, its closure overlap and its sturdy recessed hinges. It blends the old world charm with contemporary performances. It represents a real revolution in terms of tightness in the niche of inswing opening windows.


    • Architectural Windows

      A personalized touch for added style and elegance

      These fixed windows combine knowhow, performance and refinement. They blend perfectly with all our collections of wood windows and doors. Customize your space to your heart’s content by blending your home’s unique architecture with the perfect shape, be it an arch, semi-circle, ellipse, octagon, trapezoid, triangle, etc. These windows can be built individually or in combination with other window types including casement, awning, hung and ancestral windows. Installed above door frames, transoms are also available.


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Martin Wood Doors

    • Entry Door

      The well-crafted design

      Their 2 1/4-inch thickness exceeds the industry’s standard. We offer a vast choice of models which can be harmonized with both contemporary and traditional styles. Each entrance door model has an automatic multipoint lock system offering the ultimate in security. Our doors’ uniquely designed sill provides a double drainage system which ensures superior air and water tightness as well as longevity. In conclusion, our doors’ well-crafted design and finish will add a unique touch to your home.


    • Lift & Slide Patio Doors

      Our distinction

      Our distinctive feature: a smooth sliding without comparable on the market. They have a unique, European style operating mechanism. This lift and slide system ensures optimal smooth sliding, a tight seal and thermal value. Our patio doors are available up to 16 feet wide with 2 fixed side panels and 2 operating center panels. Again, Martin patio doors offer 2 1/4-inch thick wood panels.


    • Folding Door

      Originality, sturdiness and durability

      This door, called the Diamond, deserves its name: this innovative door is the most air and watertight in North America. It combines the Martin team’s know how with the originality, solidity and durability that you expect. Its unmatched air and water tightness is achieved by a multi-point lock anchored in 5 places as well as triple weatherstripping. This folding door is offered up to 16 feet wide with 7 panels. As with our other doors, it is equipped with 2 1/4-inch thick wood panels and a sill with a double drainage system.


    • Balcony Door

      Charm and elegance

      The charm and elegance of the past without compromising comfort and security. In harmony with our ancestral windows, they offer the same features as other Martin doors.


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15 Exceptional Colours

a touch of unequaled refinement
  • Enhances and protects the wood’s beauty

    Wood is a natural, warm and versatile material. Careful protection by a quality stain enhances its resistance and durability.

  • Unequaled protection against the weather and UV rays

    Our stain acts like a shield. The stain’s natural oils and resins seep into the wood’s cellular structure for a durable protective barrier.

Our colour chart offers 15 lovely colours that enhance the wood’s natural richness. Factory applied, our stain is protected by two coats of varnish giving it a satin sheen.