Frame Options

PVC extruded window frames have been designed to allow for foam insulated cavity’s in conjunction with cavity’s to permit water drainage.

The QSI SMARTComfortTriple Pane Window System includes:
Low-E glass, Krypton gas, Super-Spacer®, Foam Installation

Sliding Series

Vertical • Horizontal

Casement Series

Bow • Bay • Awning • Picture
• Custom Shape

Interior wood Jambs and casing trim:
• Poplar for painting
• Oak for staining

Triple pane consists of two panes of Low-e coated glass with a clear centre pane, creating two insulating chambers. These chambers are filled with either Krypton or Argon gas. Triple pane glass will provide maximum R-values, reduced noise and maximum blockage from the suns harmful UV rays.
Low emissive or ‘Low-e’ glass has a special thin metallic oxide coating on the interior surface, which allows the passage of short-wave solar energy (light) as well as reducing the passage of long-wave energy (heat) from the sun or heating systems through the glass. Also up to 99% of the ultra violet (UV) rays are blocked, protecting curtains, flooring and furniture.
Krypton gas is denser than argon creating the ultimate insulation barrier. Krypton performs best in smaller insulated air spaces. This is the ideal compliment to triple pane in sliding series windows which do not have the ability to widen the glass space. The goal of achieving the ultimate insulating glass R-values and maximum comfort are realized using Krypton.
Super Spacer® is the world’s only 100% polymer silicone foam, non-metal warm edge spacer bar system, providing one of the best thermal performances in the industry. The edge of the insulating glass unit is indeed most vulnerable to heat loss, condensation and frosting.
Insulating foam in QSI SMARTComfort™ SCR-10 and SCR-6 Series windows is in the key chambers of the window sash and frame to assure you the highest possible level of thermal performance also providing an excellent barrier for sound. SCR-4 series tilt sliding windows have foam in the frame only, not the sashes.

QSI’s vertical and horizontal sliding series is leading the industry with the only sash that will allow a 1″ over all thick sealed glass pack. This 1″ O.A. allows us to accomplish a centre of glass R-Value of 10, using the QSI SCR-10 triple glass package, highest in the industry.

Decorative grilles, painted exteriors and an optional laminated woodgrain interior look all features to meet your personal taste.

New interior wood jambs and casing trims are available in Oak for staining or Poplar for painting.

Available Exterior Colours

Maize 502 Canyon Clay 360 Cream 200
Dover Grey 536 Antique Ivory 553 Gray 510
Almond 532 Charcoal 530 Desert Sand 270
Forest Green 556 Wicker 538 Evergreen 610
Tan (Sandalwood) 300 Chestnut Brown 554 Pebble 559
Dark Brown 480

White-in, White-out
White-in, Colour-out

White, Pewter, Brass