Retractable Patio Awnings

Increase the comfort of your back yard patio or deck with an attractive and stylish retractable patio awning. Protect yourself and your patio furniture from the heat and the harmful UV rays of the sun on those hot summer days.

Awnings, or overhangs, are secondary coverings attached to the exterior of a building. They are usually made of woven canvas, often with laminated vinyl layers or other protective treatments, and stretched over a structure for support. Awnings, in various formats, have been around centuries, offering protection against sun, rain, and wind, and helping make indoor and outdoor spaces more comfortable. They can be an attractive and useful addition to your home, protecting it and increasing its value.

Founded in 1976, QSI is one of the Golden Horseshoe’s most reputable retractable awning companies, with sales and installation teams working year round – remarkable given the harsh Southern Ontario winter weather.

QSI’s newly renovated 6,000 sq ft head office and showroom facility in Hamilton offers fully operational Patio Awning displays. Customers are invited to experience the quality that is synonymous with our high performance product, installation and people.

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Cover up to 23 feet along the house and project out as far as 13 feet to cover most patios. Fabric comes in many patterns and colours to match all styles and taste.

Just relax and enjoy your back patio while protected from the direct heat from the sun.


Offers the best combination of quality, protection and price. Combining elegant design with the highest quality material.


Stands out with it’s quality material and proven technology. While rolled up, the fabric is sheltered against the elements by a protective roof.

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Sunbrella awnings offer stylish and durable options. Superior stain resistant fabric cleans easily and quickly. A quality metal housing that protects the fabric from weather and birds from nesting. Available motorized for ease of operation or with manual crank.


Benefits of retractable patio awnings

A Natural Air Conditioner

Awnings have been popular in Europe and for a long time, due to the higher costs of electricity and lack of air conditioning in older homes. With the rising energy costs in Canada, retractable awnings are making a comeback!. On hot summer days, many households run air conditioning around the clock, incurring high energy bills and generating greenhouse gases. However, blocking sunlight using awnings, particularly at southern and western exposures, can help reduce temperatures on the patio by as much as 12 degrees Celsius, and by 8 degrees indoors. Awnings can offer substantial energy savings — an estimated 25% or more.

Out of Harm’s Way

Apart from increasing the comfort of your backyard deck or patio, a retractable patio awning will protect you and your furniture from the heat and the harmful UV rays of the sun. It will considerably extend the longevity of your furniture and decor, prevent colours from fading, and fabrics from disintegrating. An awning will allow you to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation, which can cause irreversible damage and a premature aging, with less sunscreen!


A retractable awning that we offer can cover up to 7 meters, or 23 feet, along the wall, and project out as far as 4 meters, or 13 feet –  enough to cover most patios and terraces. They can be installed on a vertical wall, or horizontally under a soffit. The folding arms are easy to expand or retract, and a motorized unit can add push-button convenience; you can also automate the entire process, with control unit, expanding and retracting the awning at a time of your choice, and storing it safely during periods of high windst. A retractable awning is a smart alternative to fabric umbrellas and gazebos — it saves you the hassle of dismantling and storing them during winter. Plus, a temporary structure will discourage birds from nesting or bugs from cocooning in it.

A Stylish and Durable Addition

Awnings can be made from a wide variety of fabrics with many patterns and colours available to match all styles and tastes. Superior stain resistant fabrics clean easily and quickly. A quality metal housing protects the fabric from weather and birds from nesting. Heavy-duty aluminium and stainless steel hardware, with die-cast connectors, ensure a long and problem-free operation.

Why Choose QSI for Retractable Awnings

Since 1976, QSI has been one of the Golden Horseshoe’s most reputable window and door companies.  It is only fitting that, apart from upgrading homes with energy efficient windows to make homes comfortable in winter, we also offer products to make homes more comfortable in summer. Retractable patio awnings are a cost-effective way to bring a home closer to a passive house standards and lower your carbon footprint.

You can rely on QSI for top quality products and installations. Our installation teams are full-time, passionate, factory-trained professionals who work year-round.